10 Best Things to Do in Jordan 2023

Jordan – a jewel of the Middle East.
The country is an ultimate place for diverse adventures. Experience the rich cultural heritage of lands with historical importance like no other.
Amazing Arabic hospitality, delicious, local cuisine from the desert to the sea, and breathtaking views. From the adrenaline rush of rappelling into a canyon to the serenity of sleeping under a starry night sky – all in just one day.

Here are the 10 best adventures in Jordan that make you want to pack your bag right now and book a flight.

1. Ancient City of Petra
Petra is one of the great ancient cities of the world and it definitely lives up to the hype. With momentous buildings built into high cliffs, Petra will literally take your breath away as you step into the Treasury square after your 2km walk through the deep narrow gorge of the Siq.
Recommended Tour: https://bit.ly/3JKzvL0

2. Float in the Dead Sea
The Dead Sea truly is filled with salt and you can float until your heart’s content. Book a hotel directly on the sea so you can enjoy a daily dip in the healing waters.
People have been known to lay on their backs reading a newspaper in the Dead Sea and it’s true! You really float on top!

Recommended Tour: http://bit.ly/3zq3wuV

3. Canyoning Wadi Mujib
Given the River Mujib’s denouement in one of the most barren places on earth, the Dead Sea, the river’s crystal line flow breathes life into a paradisiacal canyon of lush greenness and cool shadows, teeming with nature.
At certain times of the year, you can wade and bathe in the Wadi Mujib, keeping an eye open for wild caracal cats, or gaze in wonder at the beautiful Ma’in hot springs waterfall.
An energetic gorge trek is part of a burgeoning adventure scene with rafting and canyoning creating something of a splash.

Recommended Tour: http://bit.ly/3KaLNxK

4. Spend a Night Under the Stars in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is an incredible desert valley filled with narrow gorges, towering cliffs, and natural stone arches. It’s home to the Bedouins where the human race has inhabited this land for nearly 12,000 years. T.E. Lawrence began his journey through the Arabian desert here.
Recommended Tour: http://bit.ly/40DBGqz

5. Step Back in Time at Jerash
Jordan is home to dozens of ancient Roman sites, but the Jerash Ruins are easily considered to be the most impressive.
Its imposing city walls, tiered theaters, and towering columns are some of the best-preserved ruins outside Italy and offer a rare glimpse into a world dating back over 2,000 years
Recommended Tour: http://bit.ly/3nqKPUM

6. Kerak Castle
Kerak Castle is the largest and most well-preserved of the Crusader Castles. The 12th Century Castle is perched atop a hilltop in the town of Kerak.
Recommended Tour: http://bit.ly/42Durka

7-Ancient Mosaics of Madaba
the old city of Madaba is situated on the edge of the famous King’s Highway. Madaba is home to the largest number of mosaics discovered in their original location in the world. The Madaba Mosaic Map housed in St George’s Church is probably the most renowned mosaic in Jordan. Madaba has two archaeological parks where tourists can enjoy looking at more mosaics.
Just 15 minutes from Madaba lies Mount Nebo, one of the holiest sites in Jordan and the place where Moses is believed to have seen the Promised Land.

Recommended Tour : http://bit.ly/3JO7bqO

8 – Ma’in Hot Springs
About 30km southwest of Madaba, at the end of one of Jordan’s steepest, squiggliest roads, lies Ma’in hot springs. Continuously dousing the precipitous desert cliffs of the Wadi Zarqa Ma’in with steaming water varying between a cosy 40°C and a scalding 60°C, the springs (and the whole valley, which lies more than 250m below sea level) have long been popular with weekend day-trippers.
Recommended Tour: http://bit.ly/40D5Rhh

9-Scuba Diving in Aqaba
Snorkeling in the Red Sea is one of the best things to do in Jordan. Jordan remains one of the best places for scuba diving in the Middle East. Located on the Gulf of Aqaba near the tip of the Red Sea, Aqaba has over 25 different dive spots. The colorful coral reefs and translucently clear waters are ideal for divers of all skill levels.
Recommended Tour: http://bit.ly/3ZjVM85

10-Dana Biosphere Reserve
An interesting medley of mountains and wadis, Dana is Jordan’s largest nature reserve. Dana Biosphere Reserve is an ideal location for an adventure lover as it’s the perfect place to hike, cycle scenic trails, and spot different bird species. The old village of Dana and the remains of a copper mine are also amazing places to visit. Other activities tourists have enjoyed in Dana Biosphere Reserve include baking arbood bread, learning about medicinal plants, and making Arabic coffee over a fire
Recommended Tour: http://bit.ly/3FQxGea

Jordan is every traveler’s dream introduction to the Middle East. It’s safe and the people there are very friendly. The destination gets travelers up close to world wonders, literally. And although Jordan might be a small country, there is something for everyone there and tons of activities and things to do. From hiking the rose city of Petra to diving in the Gulf of Aqaba.


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