Why Travellers are Addicted to Travel?


Yes, you read that right. Addiction is the word. Traveling makes us enter a state of euphoria, opens our minds to levels we could never have imagined, allows us to reach all those places we have always dreamed of, helps us leave behind all our fears, and takes us out of our comfort zone. In short, it makes us happy and if something makes you happy, why not repeat it countless times more?





Traveling makes us enjoy the here and now. By this, I mean that when we travel we know that we will be in that place for only a limited period of time, that is, we have our days counted and we have to enjoy them as if it were the only and last time we will experience those moments. Traveling is not something predictable, like getting up, making myself a coffee, and getting ready to go to work. This is something we are used to, that’s why it doesn’t attract our attention at all. We need some adrenaline in our lives…






We could say that routine/monotony is something that does not go with us. This can bores, tires, and even scares us sometimes. Traveling is an escape route for all of us. It makes us feel alive, calm and in harmony with ourselves… it is one of the best pleasures ever.
The means of transportation to our destination is the least important thing. The most relevant fact is everything that happens during the trip. Experiences, new adventures, emotions and feelings, reflections, anecdotes, etc. Walking through streets you have never walked on, getting to know cultures you have never had contact with before, getting into new traditions or customs, engaging in very interesting conversations with amazing people, the colors and smells that surround the gastronomy of each country…
It also makes us face each and every one of our prejudices. It breaks all our ideas, tears us into a thousand pieces, but then rebuilds us again.





Every journey ends where it began. Trips, just like our lives, will end up fading away, but it will depend on us how we want to live and enjoy each moment. Live and enjoy every moment as if it were your last.

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Written by : Cristina Cabrero De Castro


  • Maritere Godoy
    December 10, 2021 at 9:00 pm

    <3 Love it

  • jose
    December 11, 2021 at 5:42 pm

    while travelling you can get to know the people around you better, living unforgettable experiences and strengthening personal relationships. Thanks to Cristina Cabrero for writing this wonderful post and making people see how wonderful it is to travel.

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