Your dream vacation at The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel | Antalya Turkey 🇹🇷

Kingdom Hotel offers comfort, entertainment, and peace all together with its colorful decoration, 401 fairy-tale rooms designed for children, specially designed suites, an award-winning spa, special gym, Turkish bath, swimming pool, and stylish taste stops.



Offering unique holiday opportunities designed to meet the needs of the guests with 380 Deluxe rooms, 145 of them are connected, 20 Suites and 1 Kingdom Suite options, Kingdom Hotel allows everyone to experience their own legend! If you wish, while your children enjoy the world’s largest children’s bar and playground free for Kingdom Hotel guests, you will have an unforgettable experience at Anjana Spa which offers a perfect environment with holistic therapies and massages.

You add even more taste to your holiday with our taste stops Eternia Restaurant, Nyssa Bar, The Legends Pub Bar, Midpoint and increase the joy of the holiday with activities and surprises specially prepared for the Kingdom Hotel.

Remember, you will remain a child as long as you have imagination, and you can see even beyond your dreams in the legendary atmosphere of the Kingdom Hotel!


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